Best Probiotics for Macaws: Should You Give Your Bird Yoghurt?

Probiotics are best known for their positive effects on human health. But, what about giving your macaw probiotics? Do they need them and if so, which ones should you give them? Probiotics can be found in foods such as yoghurt and kimchi, but is it safe to feed these to a macaw?

In this article, we will explore the best probiotics for macaws.

Best Probiotics for Macaws: Should You Give Your Bird Yoghurt?

Are probiotics safe for birds?

Are probiotics safe for birds?

Yes! Probiotics are helpful for both humans and animals.

Research shows that probiotics, which are live bacteria-cultures, encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in the animal’s intestinal system.

The consensus opinion is that most probiotic supplements contain strains of gut-friendly bacteria that can benefit any type of animal or human.

Nowadays, most vets recommend adding probiotics to an animal’s diet to support digestive health and immune function.

A probiotic supplement may not eat like candy for your pets, but it does provide lasting benefits with every bite.

Do parrots need probiotics?

Best Probiotics for Macaws

Yes and no.

Parrots don’t exactly need a probiotic supplement, but they should be given intestinal support to maintain good gut health and beneficial bacteria in the gut.

The goal would be to nourish their gut with fiber-rich foods, digestive enzymes, prebiotic soluble fibers (like psyllium husk), and probiotic support.

What is the best probiotic for birds?

The best probiotics for birds are those that have been specifically formulated with the best intestinal flora to support a bird’s digestive system.

These 5 probiotics have been rated as the best probiotics for macaws.

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Not all supplements will be as effective as others, so it is best to ask your trusted vet which would be best suited for your macaw.

What should you look out for when buying probiotics for your macaw?

What should you look out for when buying probiotics for your macaw?

You should look out for supplements that contain probiotics such as:

  • lactobacillus acidophilus
  • bifidus
  • lactobacillus bulgaricus.

These are species of beneficial bacteria best suited to support the digestive system in birds.

How To Feed Probiotics To Your Macaw

How To Feed Probiotics To Your Macaw

This will depend on the type of probiotic supplement you buy as they can come in liquid or powder form.

If your bird is on a seed-based diet, then it will be best to mix the probiotics with water or apple sauce before serving them to your macaw.

For those who feed their birds pellets, these can also be mixed into small amounts of pellets and offered as treats throughout the day.

Liquid probiotics can be dripped onto a small piece of fruit or even mixed into your parrot’s favorite food.

Sometimes your bird can refuse it if given directly, so once you find your winning probiotic mix and method of giving it to your macaw, stick with it!

Natural Probiotics For Birds

Natural Probiotics For Birds

Many bird owners swear by feeding their bird yoghurt and say it provides the best probiotics for birds.

This is because yoghurt contains lactic acid bacteria, which can help to support your bird’s digestive system by populating its gut with beneficial flora.

However, there are some things you should be aware of when feeding your macaw yoghurt:

There may not be enough beneficial bacteria in yoghurt to support your bird’s digestive health.

  • Yoghurt can contain too much sugar, which may be harmful to your macaw if fed regularly.
  • You should only give it to your macaw sparingly and best not on a daily basis.
  • Some brands of yoghurt are made with milk, which can be harmful to your bird’s digestive system if consumed in excess.
  • Not all yoghurt is created equally. Make sure your bird’s yoghurt is made with no artificial ingredients or added sugars, best to check the label before buying/feeding it to them.

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