Are Blue Macaws Real?

Are Blue Macaws Real?

Blue macaws are a rare and beautiful species of bird that are often seen in the rainforests of South America. They are huge birds, with a wing span that can reach up to 3 feet across!

Due to their rarity, they are illegal to trade or own without special permits from the government. This has led many people to wonder if blue macaws are real at all.

In the wild, the blue macaw, also known as the hyacinth macaw, is extinct, due to the wild population being decimated by trapping for the parrot trade.

There are a number of conservation projects that are working to reintroduce this species into appropriate habitat in South America, but it will take time to reverse years of damage from trapping and deforestation.

They have been classified as extinct in the wild by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. And some 250-300 remain, protected but on the red list of endangered species.

The hyacinth macaw is a large macaw native to the forests of central and eastern South America.

It has been classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List since 2002, as its wild population are thought to have declined by 30-49 percent over the past 23 years due to trapping for the parrot trade.

Are blue macaws real? Yes, they are very real, but as you now know, without protection, they will not be “real” for much longer!

This situation is what inspired the animated movie, Rio, which tells the story of a rare blue macaw that is captured while being transported illegally from Minnesota to Mexico.

Are Blue Macaws Real?

Can I Keep A Blue Macaw As A Pet?

Can I Keep A Blue Macaw As A Pet?

Despite being endangered, due to its extreme rarity, many people still want to own a blue macaw as their pet.

As such, there are many questions about whether you can keep a blue macaw as your pet and if it is legal.

The answer: yes! You are allowed to keep one as long as you have the proper permits from the government.

This is very rare, as most people do not have the time, space nor financial resources to care for something as larger, delicate, and intelligent as a blue macaw.

Blue Macaws are the largest of all parrots. Can you imagine having to feed an animal that has a wingspan of nearly three feet?

However, there are some people who are willing to make this commitment if it means they can have one of these majestic birds in their presence.

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