How Smart Are African Greys?

So, how smart are African greys? African greys are extremely intelligent and can identify, request, refuse categorize and quantify more than 80 different objects. They respond to questions about color or shape as well.

An African grey parrot is often compared to a toddler in terms of intelligence. In one study, they were able to identify, request, and refuse 80 objects as well as categorize and quantify them.

How Smart Are African Greys

How Do African Greys Do With Intelligence Tests?

African grey parrots are highly intelligent creatures that have been benefiting the lives of those who care for them. The innate intelligence was first noticed by animal behaviorist and psychologist Irene Pepperberg when she conducted tests with her African gray, Alex, using positive reinforcement training methods.

These pets provide companionship to their owners in addition to being entertaining and amusing family members or friends . However, it is not only humans beings they help, but also other pets as well. African Greys can be trained easily through a reward-based system which makes petting much more interesting than a simple command followed by a food treat.

A study found that African grey parrots are able to use deductive reasoning to correctly choose between pairs of boxes—one containing food, the other empty—when they were mixed up.

Why Are African Greys So Smart?

So, what is it that makes these parrots so smart? African Greys have a reputation for being some of the smartest parrots in existence. This is largely because they are able to speak hundreds of words and learn very complex things in the way that a human toddler would.

The intelligence of the African grey parrot is thought to rank among the highest of nonhuman animals, including apes and cetaceans; some researchers have compared its reasoning abilities to those of a three- or four-year-old human child. Yet they can easily outperform young children on certain tests, including one that measures understanding.

Their particular intelligence is due to their ability to imitate human speech as well as their use in entertainment and therapy which enhances brain function enabling them to learn new skills with ease.

The African Grey Parrot has such an amazing memory that it has been known to remember for years things that happened only once! These are the secrets behind this intelligent species.

African Greys & Speech

The African gray parrot’s ability to pinpoint and mimic human speech is unmatched. When in captivity, these birds are relatively calm and easy-going compared with other species of similar nature.

This is why so many Grey owners enjoy taming and training their bird. He will remember and mimic sounds and speech many years after he hears it.

African Greys are capable of using human speech to communicate with their owners and other humans as well as in the wild with members of their own species. They can also learn how to use different sounds in order to speak words as well as how to interact socially with their owners.

They mostly learn by association and how to communicate with humans, creating a mutually beneficial relationship, and often the African grey is rewarded for their efforts through praise, social interaction, and attention.

They can even learn how to spell words correctly by learning how letters sound when combined in different ways.

Putting The African Grey Smarts To Good Use

If you want to reap the benefits of your highly intelligent bird, there are many things you as its owner can do.

  1. Putting their intelligence to good use by bonding and talking communicating often.
  2. They are perceptive, inquisitive, and have a great memory, so play games with your African grey, like hide and seek, where they have to find you. This will exercise their brain and give them something interesting and fun do.
  3. Ensure your bird has plenty of space in their cage or aviary to exercise their muscles, and it is strongly recommended that you provide your African grey with at least one foot square of floor space to prevent health problems.
  4. In addition to housing and other basic needs, your bird should eat a rich and healthy diet of a variety of fresh foods. Make sure that your African grey has plenty food and healthy treats such as apples, oranges, almonds, or walnuts, all of which are high in nutrients and help to maintain their good health.
  5. Add enrichment toys to your bird’s cage, but make sure they are safe and do not contain any small parts that may pose a choking hazard. There are many toys that mimic the African grey’s natural habitat and allow them to improve their physical fitness, which is just as important as a mental exercise.

Ensure Your Bird Is Happy

If you want your bird to live up to it’s full potential, you will want to ensure it is happy and healthy.

Ensure your bird gets enough exercise, make sure its cage is sized appropriately, provide it with plenty of toys, healthy food, and fresh water daily, and when you give it love and attention just like any other pet.

If your bird is not happy, he will not want to communicate or perform any trick with you. Birds can become stressed and down, too!

Conclusion: How Smart Are African Greys?

In conclusion, African greys are very smart. They have many abilities and skills that make them good pets for people who want to interact with them often.

They have complex problem-solving skills, a masters’ level of skill in mimicry, their brains are shaped differently than most birds which give them an advantage, they can identify objects and categorize and quantify how many of them there are.

If you want to have a pet that will be able to communicate with you and bond with you, then an African Grey would be a good choice.

They can understand how the world around them works which allows them to learn how their human companion is part of this world; therefore they will understand how important it is for them to relate with you.

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