Do Cockatiels Get Lonely? How To Keep Your Cockatiel Entertained

In this post, we will be covering the topic of keeping your cockatiel happy and entertained whilst answering the question, “Do Cockatiels Get Lonely?”

A cockatiel is a small social bird that relies on human interaction to thrive. They are not like other pets that can entertain themselves when you’re away at work all day or even dogs and cats who will play with each other when they get bored.

Cockatiels need people to be entertained in order for them to stay happy.

And the good news is that cockatiels love attention! You’ll know your pet loves company if he chirps excitedly when you walk by his cage, or starts dancing around excitedly when you come home from work after being gone all day.

But how do we keep our birds entertained so they don’t get lonely? There’s plenty of ways.

Do Cockatiels Get Lonely? How To Keep Your Cockatiel Entertained

Cockatiels are social birds

Pet cockatiels rely on interaction, as they are social birds. If you are buying a cockatiel, remember to get two so they will keep each other company.

If you don’t want another cockatiel, or if you already have one and aren’t ready for another yet, there are plenty of ways to entertain your bird so he doesn’t get lonely.

But Do They Actually Get Lonely?

Do Cockatiels Get Lonely?

Yes, pet cockatiels actually do get lonely. A study back in 2013 proved that it is just as common for birds to feel loneliness as it is for people to feel the same way.

Like us, they need other people around them to be happy and healthy. When a pet bird doesn’t have enough attention from its owner or those around them, it can become stressed, anxious, and even depressed.

They might stop eating and start plucking their feathers out to try and get attention. So don’t wait too long to get a bird mate for your pet cockatiel!

Signs Your Cockatiel Is Lonely

Signs Your Cockatiel Is Lonely

Chirping For Attention

One way your cockatiel can let you know he wants some company is by chirping consistently in your general direction. He will likely do this in the morning when you wake up and in the evening when you get home from work.

Just walking by his cage to grab a glass of water or go into another room for a minute might be enough to make him chirp, because he misses your company.

This is a sign that you should take into consideration, and try to stop by his cage for a few minutes to chat and pet him whenever you can.

Dancing For Attention

Another way your cockatiel might try to get attention and let you know that it is lonely is by dancing around in his cage. If you ever see your bird waving one leg or wing around while bobbing up and down on the other, he wants a little bit of your time.

Try to set aside some quick playtime time with your bird before you go to bed or as you’re waking up for work instead of waiting until they start chirping and dancing at you.

How To Stop Your Cockatiel From Becoming Lonely

How To Stop Your Cockatiel From Becoming Lonely

The following are a few tips that you should take into consideration to prevent a lonely cockatiel:

Get A Second Bird

This does not have to be another cockatiel. There are all kinds of birds, like finches and other types of parrots, that do well in pairs.

You can get a second cockatiel, though, if you want to be sure your pet gets company whenever you’re away for the day.

Make sure to look at their genders (if they aren’t both boys) and their personalities before you bring them home, as you don’t want to have a bunch of babies if you are already struggling to find time to chit chat with one!

Buy A Bird-Feeder Toy

Another way to keep your bird entertained is by feeding him out of toys that can hang in his cage and dispense food onto the floor or hold the food within it for him to forage.

Foraging toys are a great way to keep cockatiels entertained and you can find them at any pet store. They come in a ton of different shapes, sizes, and colors depending on your bird’s preferences.

Make sure to pick one up the next time you go to the pet store!

Get A Bird-Sitter

If you are away for weekends or days at a time for work, don’t just leave your bird alone. Having someone come to check on him regularly will ensure he stays happy and healthy.

There are all kinds of pet sitters out there, so make sure you find one who is experienced with birds before committing to having them watch over your cockatiel.

Let Your Cockatiel Out Of The Cage

Every once in a while, your cockatiel will need to stretch his wings and legs.

Take off his cage cover for about 30 minutes to allow him out of the cage. Make sure he has food, water, and toys with him in the room so he doesn’t get bored.

This is also a good time to chat with your bird, as you can both get some great one-on-one time together.

Can A Cockatiel Die Of Loneliness?

Yes, but it can also die of loneliness because it does not get enough fresh air, exercise, high-quality food, companionship with other birds or people.

A cockatiel will not be lonely when they are in a good environment at home with the company of their human companion who provides them stability and endless hours of socialization.

This is why providing your feathered friend with ample time outside its cage for playtime is important to keep the bird happy and healthy. Cockatiels are diurnal birds, which means they are active during the day. A day of fun and playtime is necessary to keep your bird’s mind stimulated.

A lonely cockatiel will not develop properly if it does not receive enough socialization with you and other people, because they are very sociable birds!

Keeping your cockatiel happy is important for its health, so make sure you spend time with the bird every day to avoid any problems.

When a cockatiel is in good hands, the chances of it being lonely are slim because it always has company and is happy in an environment that is well-maintained.

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