Can Macaws Eat Watermelon?

Macaws are a type of parrot native to the rainforests of Central and South America, and they have a wide variety of dietary needs. They can eat vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and insects. But, can macaws eat watermelon?

The answer is, yes. Macaws can eat watermelon. Macaws love watermelon because it is sweet, juicy, and dense with nutrition.

Can Macaws Eat Watermelon?

What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Watermelon To Your Macaw?

Macaw Watermelon Nutritional Health Facts Infographic
Watermelon Nutritional Health Facts Infographic Data From Everyday Health, WebMD, Healthline

Watermelon is high in vitamin C, vitamin A , and B-vitamins, which can help boost your bird’s immune system. Watermelon can also be helpful for regulating your macaw’s digestive tract.

Watermelon can improve your macaw’s feather quality because it can restore keratin, a protein that can help produce healthy feathers. It can also improve bone and nail strength.

Watermelon can also help regulate your macaw’s hormones because it contains the amino acid arginine. Arginine can help balance cortisol levels, which can aid in weight management and stress reduction.

It can even reduce inflammation because of its high antioxidant content. Watermelon can also be helpful for protecting your macaw’s joints against damage that can lead to arthritis.

How To Feed  Watermelon To Macaws

How To Feed  Watermelon To Macaws

Macaws can eat watermelon by holding the watermelon and biting it off if you cut it up, or by using their beaks to scoop out pieces of the watermelon flesh.

Remember, if you are feeding your macaw a fresh piece of watermelon, make sure to take out the seeds.

One serving size is about 1 cup. Watermelon can be fed to a macaw in small servings once or twice a day.

The size of your macaw can dictate how much you can feed them, but it is better to give small servings that are nutritious than large servings that will spoil before your macaw can finish them.

When giving watermelon to your bird, make sure that you do not forget about their water intake.

Some people think that when they give their birds fresh food, they can have less water intake, but this can actually be detrimental to your bird’s health.

If you need guidance on how much water a macaw can drink per day, discuss it with your veterinarian or an avian expert.

Can Macaws Eat Watermelon Seeds?

Can Macaws Eat Watermelon Seeds?

Macaws can eat watermelon, but there are some precautions you need to take when adding it to your bird’s diet.

You can never give a macaw any watermelon seed because they can cause choking and digestive issues. Likewise, the rind can be harmful as well.

Alternatives To Watermelon You Can Feed To Your Bird

Alternatives To Watermelon You Can Feed To Your Bird

Macaws are tropical birds and love eating tropical fruit such as;

  • bananas
  • figs
  • pineapple
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • mango
  • papaya

Can I Feed My Sick Macaw Watermelon?

Can I Feed My Sick Macaw Watermelon?

If your macaw is sick or weak and unable to eat his usual diet, watermelon can be a good alternative.

It can help with the nausea that accompanies many illnesses your macaw might have. It can also help reduce diarrhea and vomiting, making it easier for your pet to keep food down.

If they are dehydrated, watermelon can restore fluids lost through illness or disease. Getting fluids back into their system can make them feel better and can help boost their immune system.

If you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your macaw, check with a veterinarian for advice on how to treat your pet.

Your bird can eat watermelon when he is sick if it seems like he won’t be able to keep his food down or if vomiting has caused dehydration.

What Can You Do If Your Macaw Can’t Stand To Eat Anything?

If that’s the case, give them a shot of vitamins and minerals in a liquid form every few hours. Be sure to consult with a veterinarian for advice on what nutrients your macaw needs and how you can best provide them to him or her.

Can You Feed Your Macaw Too Much Watermelon?

It is unlikely that your bird will eat too much watermelon if it is eating a balanced diet of seeds and vegetables as well.

If you can’t get your macaw to eat any other fresh foods, however, it can become a problem if they are eating too much watermelon. They can be like junk food to the bird.

If they aren’t getting enough nutrients in their everyday diet, they may just fill up on watermelon, which can lead to various health issues due to their lacking diet.

You can limit your macaw’s intake of fresh foods by using it as a treat or reward for good behavior, for example. You can also prevent obesity by making sure they get enough exercise and can go outside to play at least once every day if you can.


In conclusion, can macaws eat watermelon? The short answer is yes, they can. However, it can cause various health issues if you don’t give them a balanced diet or exercise them enough for their size.

Watermelon can be a great treat for your bird and can add to their overall health if you make sure that the rest of their diet is healthy.

If you can’t get your macaw to eat that much, give them fruits that can work as a substitute for watermelon and can be healthy snacks like strawberries or bananas.

You can also talk to your veterinarian about adding supplements like vitamins and minerals so your macaw can get more nutrients from the foods they can eat.

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