Parrotlet Beak Grinding: Myths, Concerns, and Reality

Parrotlets are one of the most popular companion birds in the United States. They are loved for their intelligence, playfulness, and sweet demeanor. But Parrotlet beak grinding is a behavior that worries many new bird owners.

Should you be concerned?

Let’s delve into Parrotlet beak grinding, myths, concerns, and reality!

Parrotlet Beak Grinding: Myths, Concerns, and Reality

Parrotlet Beak Grinding: What Is It?

Parrotlet Beak Grinding: What Is It?

You may have heard a sort of high-pitched scraping noise coming from your Parrotlet’s cage and been taken aback. However, beak grinding is a very common and normal Parrotlet behavior.

The noise is the sound of your Parrotlet’s beak grinding against itself, and it occurs most often when a Parrotlet eats or preens its feathers.

Beak grinding may also occur during times of stress such as illness or changes in home life (a new pet, a new member of the household, etc.). Sometimes you might notice your bird does this like clockwork just before bedtime!

This behavior is also seen in baby Parrotlet chicks learning to eat on their own. Their tiny beaks scrape together as they are learning to pick up food.

In general, Parrotlet beak grinding is just one of many quirky behaviors and, is a sign of comfort and contentment. It’s a Parrotlet saying, “I feel safe and relaxed here with you!”

Parrotlet Beak Grinding: Myths & Concerns

Parrotlet Beak Grinding: Myths & Concerns

Myth #1: Parrotlets grind their beaks to file them down or wear the enamel off of them. That grinding sound is actually coming from your Parrotlet’s maxilla and mandible bones, not the beak itself.

In other words, Parrotlet beak grinding is NOT a sign of damage to their beaks! It should also go without saying that Parrotlets do not file down or wear off their enamel while they are sleeping!

Myth #2: beak grinding is painful. Your Parrotlet’s beak is made of keratin, just like your fingernails and hair.

There are no nerve endings at the tip of their beaks, so there is no pain or discomfort during this behavior.

Myth #3: Parrotlets grind their beaks when they are stressed out and want to leave your care. Parrotlets can indeed experience stress, but Parrotlet beak grinding is not generally a sign of that.

Beak grinding is not the bird equivalent of teeth grinding, so it is not a sign that your bird is suffering from stress or anxiety.

Parrotlets are creatures of habit, and Parrotlet beak grinding can become a sort of “ritual” that your bird engages in before bedtime or to relax himself after eating his favorite meal.

Roosting Behavior

In the moments prior to roosting, Parrotlets may sit high up on their perch and beak grind in a rhythmic way.

This is normal Parrotlet behavior and perfectly harmless, but it can be alarming if you don’t know what to expect! This pre-roosting action helps Parrotlets realign themselves before settling down for the night.

When Parrotlet Beak Grinding Is A Cause For Concern

If beak grinding is being done excessively and is accompanied by other Parrotlet behavior changes and destructive actions such as chewing cage bars or plucking out. feathers, it may be a cause for concern.

In such cases, it could indicate that your Parrotlet is in pain or discomfort from an injury or illness.

In these instances, if you notice excessive Parrotlet beak grinding accompanied by other symptoms such as lethargy and lack of appetite, contact your Parrotlet’s veterinarian as soon as possible.

Your Parrotlet should be checked for an injury such as a fracture or respiratory illness.

Should You Give Your Bird Something To Grind Its Beak On?

You can give your bird a cuttlebone. Cuttlebones are high in calcium and help to keep the beak trimmed back.

Your bird will have fun gnawing on it, but eventually, they’ll get bored of it, too, so periodically replace the old one with a new one.

To Conclude:

Parrotlet beak grinding is a very common Parrotlet behavior. Whether you’ve noticed your Parrotlets doing this before bedtime or after eating their favorite meal, it can seem like an alarming sight if you don’t know what to expect!

But Parrotlet beak grinding isn’t usually a cause for concern except when paired with other symptoms such as chewing cage bars and plucking feathers.

Contact your veterinarian immediately in the event of excessive Parrotlet beak grinding accompanied by other symptoms such as lethargy and lack of appetite.

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