parrot drawing pencil

Master Your Parrot Drawing Skills With This Step-By-Step Pencil Guide

Drawing the Outline

The first step in creating an amazing parrot drawing is outlining its shape.

  • Start by sketching a circle for the head and adding a curved line below it to form the body.
  • Then, draw two wings on either side of the body, with each wing consisting of two lines extending outwards from the body’s center.
  • To complete your outline, draw three pointed toes at the bottom of each foot and create a beak and tail feathers.
  • Use light strokes as you work so that any mistakes can easily be erased later on.

Adding Shading

  • Once you have completed your outline, it’s time to add shading to bring life into your parrot portrait.
  • Using short pencil strokes, slowly darken areas around each feather until they appear more realistic in detail and depth.
  • This will help create dimension within your piece so that it looks more natural when finished.
  • Additionally, use lighter shades of pencil lead near parts such as eyes or talons for added realism and contrast against darker tones elsewhere on its frame.

Bringing Your Parrot Drawing Together

  • In this last step, all that remains is for you to bring together all of these elements into one cohesive image – a beautiful parrot picture!

Utilize small details such as detailing its feet or adding texture along its wings to make sure every inch appears alive with movement and personality before hanging up or displaying proudly in an art gallery space!

With practice comes perfection; keep honing these skills until you are able to capture breathtakingly lifelike birds onto paper in no time!

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