Parrot Drawings: How-To’s, Vector Images, Gallery & Videos!

Learn To Draw A Parrot In 5 Easy Steps: Unleash Your Inner Artist!

Step 1: Sketch the Outline

Get ready to bring your parrot’s colorful plumage to life! Start by sketching a simple outline of its body, wings and tail. Feel free to experiment with different shapes and sizes – you can always refine it later on. Don’t forget its beak and feet either! With just a few light strokes of your pencil, you’re already well on your way.

Step 2: Add Detail & Texture

Time to add some character! Begin by giving the feathers more shape with fine lines or small circles, depending on how fluffy or sleek they should appear. Pay attention to where each feather is placed in relation to one another; this will give your parrot an extra dimension of realism. Then use shading techniques such as hatching or cross-hatching for texture and depth in areas like its neck, chest and wings.

Step 3: Color It In

Now comes the fun part – color time! For those who prefer traditional mediums such as colored pencils or markers, choose a palette that best suits your parrot’s species—like emerald greens for macaws or bright yellows for cockatoos—and get ready to let loose with vibrant shades of blues, reds and oranges too! Alternatively if digital art is more up your alley try using gradients for seamless blending between colors; don’t forget shadows either as these can make all the difference when bringing out details from underneath feathers etc…

Step 4: Finishing Touches

You’ve come so far – almost there now! Make final adjustments here such as softening sharp edges around beaks/claws etc., adding highlights over feathers using white paint pens (or whitespace) plus any other minor changes that’ll take it from good looking…to great looking! After this step simply stand back admire what you have created – you deserve it after all that hard work 💪🏼

“”Creativity is intelligence having fun”” ~ Albert Einstein.

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