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Parrot Drawing and Colouring: Step-by-Step Tutorial For Beginners (+15 Free To Use Images!)

to Parrot Drawing and Colouring

Parrots are some of the most beautiful creatures in nature, with their vibrant colours and unique beaks.

For many artists, parrot drawing is a great way to explore their creativity and practice using various mediums.

This tutorial aims to provide beginners with an easy-to-follow guide on how to draw a parrot, as well as colour it in any way they wish.

With just a few simple steps and materials, anyone can create stunning artwork of these majestic birds!

Step One: Sketching Out The Basic Shape Of A Parrot

The first step for parrot drawing is sketching out the basic shape of your bird.

Start by lightly sketching an oval onto your paper or canvas; this will act as the base for your parrot’s body.

Then add its head, wings, tail feathers and legs—allowing yourself plenty of room for detail later on.

As you go through each step of drawing your bird’s anatomy accurately try to make sure that all parts are proportional relative to one another – especially when adding details like eyes or beak markings!

Step Two: Shading And Detailing Your Parrot Drawing

Now that you have sketched out the basic outline of your parrott’s body it’s time to start shading in areas where light would naturally hit them – such as around its eyes or along its wingspan – by using different tones and hues from your selected colour palette.

You may also want to add feathery detailing near its neckline or even incorporate intricate designs into its tail feathers too! Be sure not take away from what makes a unique design though; remember that no two drawings should ever look alike so don’t worry about making mistakes – instead focus on creating something truly special with every stroke!   [amazon box=”B071S7JTY3″ title=”Your Parrot Drawing Will Be In Vain If Your Tools Aren’t Up To Sketch!” template=”horizontal”]  

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