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Parakeet Slimes Instagram: How To DIY And Take The Cutest Photos Of Your Pet!

Do you have a pet parakeet? Are you interested in finding techniques to make them more noticeable on Instagram? No need to look any further! In this piece, we will walk you through all of the hints and suggestions that will assist you in taking the cutest possible pictures of your feathered companion. In addition to that, we will provide you with some do-it-yourself suggestions to make the photographs you take of your parakeet even more stunning. Get ready to have a wonderful day taking pictures with your cherished companion animal.

Choose the Right Lighting

When it comes to taking photos of your parakeet, lighting is everything.

Natural light coming from a window or skylight can provide for gorgeous photographs, as the shadows created by natural light are often incredibly soft and flattering on any pet subject.

You may also consider using artificial lights such as LED strips or lamps in order to create more dramatic and moody shots.

Experimenting with different kinds of lighting will help you capture some truly stunning images of your beloved pet parakeet!

Experiment With Props

Adding props into your pictures can really add an extra layer to them that makes them stand out from the rest! Try incorporating flowers, branches, anything colorful – these all make great additions when photographing birds like parakeets.

Just be sure not to overwhelm your bird with too many items around him; keep it simple and tasteful while still adding something eye-catching into the mix.

Play Around With Angles

When shooting photos of any kind of animal subject (including our feathered friends!), playing around with angles is key for getting interesting and unique shots! Get down low so that you’re looking up at your bird; try standing directly above him so that he looks straight ahead; shoot from behind if you want a mysterious vibe… The possibilities are endless here! Have fun experimenting until you find an angle that works best for both yourself and your parakeet model.

Take Advantage Of Color

Parakeets come in beautiful bright colors which means color plays a huge role in their photography session! Bright blues and greens work wonderfully against neutral backgrounds and look amazing when lit properly – use this fact to enhance all aspects of composition within each frame, ensuring each image pops just right off the page (or screen)! Also be sure not to forget about complementary colors either – they help bring every photo together perfectly without overpowering its overall aesthetic appeal.

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Frame Your Shots Wisely

Framing has become increasingly popular among photographers today thanks to its ability to draw attention towards certain points within each photograph taken – plus it gives viewers something special upon first glance (which helps differentiate one shot from another!).

When framing photos involving animals like parakeets however always remember less is more – avoid placing too much emphasis on one area otherwise it could take away from what would have been an otherwise stellar shot had there been no frame involved at all!.

Keep things balanced yet dynamic by making use of lines found naturally within surroundings/backdrops or scout out areas where frames can be constructed organically through foliage/branches etc.


Once happy with how everything looks then go ahead snap away– don’t forget adjusting shutter speed depending on how quickly your feathery friend moves around between frames!.

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