how to deter parakeets

How To Deter Parakeets: Simple Strategies For Keeping Them Away!

Are the annoying parakeets in your backyard getting to you? Don’t worry. we have some easy tactics that can assist you in keeping them out.

These suggestions will show you how to keep parakeets away and regain your area, whether you’re a homeowner or just trying to enjoy the outdoors.

To find out more about how to easily scare those birds away, keep reading!

How To Deter Parakeets: Simple Strategies For Keeping Them Away!

Keep Bird Feeders Away From Your Property

Keep Bird Feeders Away From Your Property

Bird feeders are the number one attraction for parakeets, making them an easy target.

If you have a bird feeder in your yard or near the property, make sure to remove it and take away any food sources that might be available to birds.

Make sure to also clean up any spilled seeds around the area so as not to attract them back again later on.

Additionally, ensure that all trash cans or compost bins are properly sealed off and don’t provide anything edible for these birds.

Install Parakeet Deterrents Around Your Property

Install Parakeet Deterrents Around Your Property

Parakeet deterrents can come in many forms such as visual deterrents like shiny objects like aluminum foil strips, reflective tape, fake owls and plastic snakes.

Audio deterrents such as loud noises from speakers or wind chimes.

Even chemical repellents made from natural ingredients such as cayenne pepper powder will work well too.

Place these items strategically around your property where you often see parakeets gathering and they should fly away quickly when they spot these items.

Plant Plants That Repel Parakeets

Plant Plants That Repel Parakeets

Plants are another great option if you want to get rid of pesky parakeets without resorting to harmful methods or chemicals.

Some plants and herbs that naturally repel parakeets include

  • lavender
  • rosemary
  • eucalyptus trees
  • marigolds
  • garlic cloves and
  • catnip

Just plant some of these around your property borders or wherever there is a high concentration of birds congregating regularly.

Utilise Netting To Block Access Points

Utilise Netting To Block Access Points

Netting can be used in various places where access points may exist-like open windows/doors (especially upstairs) balcony railings etc.

This will prevent entry into certain areas thereby discouraging further infestation by deterring the bird’s movement patterns towards those spaces .

Be sure to use netting with small enough holes so that nothing else gets through but large enough so air flow is still possible.

This way birds won’t be able to perch on those areas either which adds an extra layer of protection against their presence on your premises .

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