Do Cockatiels Fly Away? The Facts You Need To Know Before Buying

Buying a pet can be a big decision, and one of the most important questions to ask before doing so is whether they can fly away.

When it comes to cockatiels, the answer is not always so simple.

Read on to learn the facts behind cockatiels and flight so you can make an informed decision before bringing a feathered friend home.

Do Cockatiels Fly Away? The Facts You Need To Know Before Buying

Fly Away? Not So Fast!

Do Cockatiels Fly Away?

It’s easy to assume that cockatiels can fly away since they have wings, but the truth is a bit more complicated.

Wild cockatiels are capable of flight, but a pet cockatiel may not be. That’s because many pet cockatiels have their wings clipped to limit their ability to fly.

This is done for both their safety and the safety of their human family.

Clipping a cockatiel’s wings is a simple procedure that can be performed by any experienced bird veterinarian.

The process involves cutting the primary feathers, which are the large feathers used for flight. This prevents the cockatiel from taking off and flying away.

However, clipping a cockatiel’s wings does not prevent it from flapping and gliding around the room.

Unlock the Truth Behind Cockatiels and Flight

Unlock the Truth Behind Cockatiels and Flight

It’s important to note that not all cockatiels will be able to fly, even if their wings have not been clipped.

That’s because some cockatiels are born without the ability to fly, due to a genetic mutation. These birds will never be able to fly, regardless of whether or not their wings are trimmed.

The best way to determine if a cockatiel can fly is to observe it in action. If its wings are clipped, it won’t be able to take off or fly away.

If its wings aren’t clipped, take it out of its cage and observe its movements. A cockatiel who can fly will be able to take off and fly away with ease.



Cockatiels are beautiful and cuddly companions, but it’s important to know the facts about their ability to fly before deciding to bring one home.

With a little research and observation, you’ll be able to determine whether your feathered friend will be able to take flight.

So if you’re in the market for a pet cockatiel, don’t be afraid to ask the questions and unlock the truth about cockatiels and flight.