Can Conures eat tomatoes? A Guide to Feeding Your Conure

Conures are great birds to have around, and they love eating everything—and
everyone—that crosses their paths. Their colorful feathers, sweet
disposition, and willingness to talk make them a great pet most people would
be overjoyed to have. But numerous myths exist about owning a Conure, and one
of the most common is: can they eat tomatoes?

Nutritional Benefits Of tomatoes For Conures
Tomatoes are both sweet and juicy. They are full of nutrients and vitamins,
such as potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. Tomatoes are
delicious in salads, pastas, and main courses. They can be eaten fresh, raw,
or boiled. Baked, in casseroles, in soups, in curries, and in salsas,
tomatoes are versatile food and can be mixed and matched with almost any

So, Can You Feed tomatoes To Conures?
Feeding a tomato to a Conure is a very easy process. The Conure will
immediately take to this new treat. Begin by removing the stem and slicing
the tomato in half. Place the tomato shell side down on its flat side. Make
sure the Conure has access to the tomato. Place the shell side up so that the
Conure can simply pick up the tomato.

Are There Any Dangers Of Feeding tomatoes To Conures?
Conures, or cockatiels, are parrots and are very popular pets. They are
naturally curious and very intelligent. They are very social birds and enjoy
being around people. While Conures may be curious, they can also be a bit
destructive. Their beaks can get stuck in small crevices and slits that are
not big enough for their beaks. Conures can also eat tiny things that
shouldn’t be eaten.

Feeding Tips
A Conure is a small bird that typically weighs up to 1.5 pounds. Their
feathers can be pink, blue, grey, or a combination of the different colors.
Since their diet consists primarily of seeds, fruits, and nuts, they should
eat about two cups of seeds a day. They also like fruit and vegetables.


In conclusion, Conures are intelligent birds, but it is important to double
check that they have eaten before giving them any specially prepared foods.
Tomatoes should always be kept in a cool place to prevent them from spoiling.
While Conures do like to forage, it is also sensible to place some fresh
foods in a cage where they can see them, encouraging them to eat.

Related FAQs

Yes, Conures can eat tomatoes that are frozen. Tomatoes are one of those
foods that are best eaten fresh, but freezing them will not harm them.

Yes, Conures can eat cooked tomatoes. However, tomatoes should be cooked

The simple answer is yes.  Some
Conures will eat several tomatoes at a time.

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