Can Conures eat strawberries? Nutritional Information And Feeding Tips

Many people wonder why their conure bird won’t eat strawberries. They are a
nutritious fruit that can provide many health benefits like vitamin C, fiber,
and antioxidants, so why would your bird be avoiding them?

Nutritional Benefits Of strawberries For Conures
Strawberries are a great addition to your diet. They are tasty, easy to
prepare, and low in calories. They are packed with vitamins like A and C,
calcium, potassium, and fiber. Strawberries are also high in

So, Can You Feed strawberries To Conures?
Conures love strawberries! Now, these birds are not fussy when it comes to
their fruit. But if you’re still unsure about feeding them strawberries, here
are some tips.
First, remove the strawberry leaves and stems. Then place the strawberries
in a bowl. Also remove the stems and the caps. Place them aside, and wash
them. Now, wash the Conure’s cage well. Next, place the strawberries in the
cage. Now, place the Conure’s feeder near the strawberries. You can feed the
strawberries to him bit by bit every day.

Are There Any Dangers Of Feeding strawberries To Conures?
Strawberries are delicious, but when it comes to feeding them to your
Conure, be careful. Strawberries are toxic to Conures. Conures have a beak
that is designed to tear open seeds like other birds are able to. Conures
have a difficult time tearing open strawberries, which means that they aren’t
able to extract the fruit’s sugars.

Feeding Tips
You want your fruit to be soft and squishy. Slice your strawberries
crosswise, then add a little bit of sugar (about 1⁄2 teaspoon). Cover a plate
with a paper towel, and place the strawberries on top.


In Conclusion, The Conures are cute, little parrots that eat almost
anything. They enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, but the size, shape and
texture of strawberries can be a real hassle—not to mention a sticky mess.
With a little preparation and a few common sense rules, you can safely feed
your Conures fruit.

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Conures can eat strawberries that are frozen.

Yes, they can eat strawberries cooked.

Yes. The seeds, stems, and skins in the strawberries should be

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