Can African Greys Eat Chocolate?

African Greys are known for their intelligence and beautiful feathers, but did you know they need a healthy diet too? Can African Greys Eat Chocolate? Let us find out!

The answer is a resounding NO! African Greys cannot eat chocolate. It is poisonous and can kill them by causing internal bleeding. Chocolate contains caffeine which is a stimulant and theobromine, which is similar to amphetamine.

Can African Greys Eat Chocolate?

There’s a wide range of things that can happen if your bird eats too much chocolate, and it all depends on the type. For example, some species may vomit or develop diarrhea as a result while others will increase their heart rate.

In addition to this risk for seizures and death is also increased hyperactivity in birds who are sensitive to caffeine- which African greys are!

How Much Chocolate Would It Take For My African Grey To Die?

It takes only 1oz of dark chocolate to cause death in an African Grey Parrot. Dark chocolate is deadly to birds if eaten in large amounts. But even small amounts are toxic or lethal.

Sugar is also present in chocolate and that can cause a spike in glucose levels, which could lead to brain damage. So please do not let your birds have chocolate! It may seem like a small amount, but it can be extremely harmful and any avian vet would tell you the same.

The leaves of the cacao tree are used to make cocoa powder from which chocolate is made. Theobromine is not found in the leaves of the tree, however.

But for those who like to indulge, here are some tips:

The main focus should be on giving your African Grey a healthier diet and healthy treats. Try veggies like carrots or broccoli as treats. Fruit can also be given in moderation (no grapes, tomatoes, or raisins) as well as healthy cereals, breads and treats.

So can African Greys eat chocolate? The answer is NO! Please do not give them any chocolate at all.

Can Your African Grey Eat Chocolate Chips?

No! Chocolate chips contain the same ingredients as other forms of chocolate, so it must be avoided at all times. This also goes for milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate.

Never give your African grey parrot cookies of any type of treat which has chocolate in it, as even a small amount can be harmful.

How Long After Eating Chocolate Would My African Grey Die Or Become Ill?

Within 10 hours of eating chocolate, your pet will start to feel ill. You may notice they are extremely tired, lethargic, lose their appetite and become moody.

If you are suspicious that your bird has eaten any chocolate or candy containing chocolate, contact an avian veterinarian immediately.

What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Chocolate To Your African Grey?

There are no benefits to feeding your African Grey Chocolate!

Alternatives Treats You Can Feed Your African Grey?

The best treats to give your African grey is nuts. They love almonds and walnuts. You could also give them unsalted sunflower seeds, coconut flesh, or apple wedges.

Stay away from overly salted treats as they can be bad for the African Grey’s kidneys.

Another great treat you can try giving your macaw is a cooked gourmet parrot meal. Parrots love them! These sample packs are best to learn which ones your bird prefers the most. They are also very nutritious for your bird!

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Chocolate is not good for your bird. It will make them sick and possibly lead to death, depending on the severity of their symptoms.

This is because chocolate contains a chemical that can cause severe complications in birds such as vomiting or seizures leading up to an eventual heart attack or even brain damage from lack of oxygen due to decreased circulation caused by frequent diarrhea which causes dehydration so it’s definitely best if they don’t eat any at all!

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