Are green cheek conures loud?

Are green cheek conures loud?

The green cheek conure is a popular pet bird because they are docile and beautiful. However, many people are under the impression that these birds are noisy. This is not true! Green Cheeks are actually pretty quiet birds. In this article, I will explore why green cheek conures are so quiet and what makes them such a good choice for those who enjoy an indoor pet bird.

Are green cheek conures loud?

Green cheek conures are not as noisy as other types of parrots. However, they can be loud when they feel threatened or scared. This is especially true when they are in a new environment. As time passes, though, green cheek conures will become more comfortable with their surroundings and are less likely to be loud.

What sounds do Green Cheek Conures make?

Green cheek conures can make a variety of sounds, including whistles and squawks. However, they are typically known for making soft cooing sounds. If you are interested in owning a green cheek conure, be aware that as they get older their voices will deepen and their typical squawky noises will start to sound more like whistles.

The most common sound is the “cheeky” call which they use to greet their human or bird friends. This sound is typically described as a soft “chew chew” or “chissipi” call.

They also make a chattering noise when excited or trying to get your attention.  

This bird is not necessarily known for being loud, but can be when it wants to be. This is one of the reasons that many are surprised by how quiet they are in comparison with other types of parrots. They do have a reputation for being noisy and are often purchased on this basis by first-time bird owners.

Noise Levels Depend On The Individual

Some people say that these birds are too noisy for them while others enjoy the sounds they make . The main thing that determines their noise level is whether or not they are comfortable in their surroundings. This can often take a period of days, weeks, or even months to achieve.

Conclusion: Are green cheek conures loud?

Green cheeks are generally pretty quiet. If they are noisy, keep in mind that this is likely because they are feeling anxious or are not comfortable with their surroundings. They are less prone to being loud when they are comfortable and happy in their home environment.

If you are a first-time bird owner interested in getting a green cheek conure, consider the size and noise level of the bird before making your purchase. You don’t want to bring home a bird you are unable to handle due to it being too noisy!

Finally, keep in mind that they are not known for being quiet all of the time. However, their typical sound is soft cooing rather than squawks and screeches.

Green cheek conures are adorable and are a fantastic pet bird for anyone interested in owning a bird that is both fun to have around and easy to care for.

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