Are Cockatiels Easy To Tame Tips To Successfully Tame A Cockatiel

Are Cockatiels Easy To Tame? Tips To Successfully Tame A Cockatiel

Before buying a new pet bird, many people wonder, ‘are cockatiels easy to tame?’ The answer is, while cockatiels are not as easy to tame as a budgie or canary, they are still considered an easy bird to tame. If you are in the mood for a fun and rewarding experience, then read on!

In order to successfully teach your bird tricks and have it behave well in the house, you should consider taking incorporating these tips to successfully tame a cockatiel.

Are Cockatiels Easy To Tame? Tips To Successfully Tame A Cockatiel



Cockatiels are easy to tame once they are socialized. They are very social birds, so the best way to tame them is by spending time with them on a daily basis.

They are intelligent birds and they need to be socialized from a young age because it becomes more difficult as they reach adulthood.

There’s also a lot of good tips on the internet about what types of things cockatiels enjoy doing and what you should do with your cockatiel every day. Improving their environment will go a long way in making them happier too!

Spend Time With Your Cockatiel Regularly

Spend Time With Your Cockatiel Regularly

By spending time with your cockatiel every day, you are allowing him to get comfortable around humans.

This will make taming them easier because they are social birds and need regular interaction in order to be happy.

They are also very easy to train once they are used to human interaction; however, this doesn’t mean that training should be done while you are trying to tame them.

A happy, healthy, and well-socialized bird are the most important keys to successfully taming your cockatiel.

Improve Their Living Environment

Improve Their Living Environment

Before you even begin physically taming and training your cockatiel, you should improve his living environment.

This is extremely important and will make your cockatiel easier to tame because it will have a direct effect on their behavior and personality.

Some of the things to do are removing any objects from around cages that are not bird-safe, such as curtains or blinds; making sure the cage is in a safe place away from any windows; and removing any mirrors that are inside the cage.

Once you are sure your cockatiel’s environment is safe, then begin taming.

Other things to consider are proper lighting (not too bright but not too dim), feeding them nutritious foods from a healthy diet, and giving them plenty of room for exercise and playtime.

All of these are important factors to consider when improving your cockatiel’s living environment, and they will make taming easier for you as well!

Make Sure Your Cockatiel Is Comfortable Around Humans Before Attempting To Tame

Make Sure Your Cockatiel Is Comfortable Around Humans Before Attempting To Tame

A cockatiel is easy to tame when it is comfortable around humans.

Before you can even begin to tame your cockatiel, it must be comfortable in its own environment and with the people who are already living there.

With that said , if you are bringing a new bird into an existing home or family, then everyone in the house should take time getting acquainted with him before you can begin taming.

This includes children as well as other pets, such as dogs and cats!

It is important that the cockatiel has time to adjust before you start trying to train him or her because it will make training easier for you and more enjoyable for both of you in the long run.

Easy Cockatiel Training Tips

Easy Cockatiel Training Tips

Once your bird is tamed, you can begin these easy cockatiel training tips:

  • Try teaching your bird to step up on command.
  • Make sure you are patient and gentle with him or her, as a cockatiel can be easily frightened by harsh words from the trainer.
  • Use treats, praise, and other encouragements to motivate him or her to cooperate with your training.
  • You can also break any tasks up into several smaller steps so that you are making consistent progress, not overwhelming the bird by trying to train them something too difficult all at once.


Cockatiels are very intelligent birds and they are easy to tame as long as they are comfortable with you.

Once they are familiar and comfortable, then training them anything from how to step up onto your hand or shoulder to simple commands is a breeze! They are easy going creatures in general so this makes taming them even easier for owners because of their patient nature.

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