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Meet The Cast Of ‘The Lovebirds’: Who’s Who In This Hilarious Rom-Com?

Are you seeking for a heartwarming and funny movie night? Consider “The Lovebirds,” a brand-new romantic comedy on Netflix starring Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani. A couple seeking to restore their romance finds themselves caught up in an unexpected murder mystery in this hilarious romantic comedy. ‘The Lovebirds’ is guaranteed to become your new favorite light-hearted film thanks to its colorful array of characters! So who are these endearing people from this funny movie, who will have you smiling right up to the very end?

Nina & Jibran

The story ‘The Lovebirds’ focuses mostly on Nina and Jibran as its two major protagonists.

They’ve had their ups and downs as a pair, but now they find themselves in the middle of an exciting adventure together.

On the weekdays, Nina is a no-nonsense creative director at an advertising agency, but on the weekends, she enjoys letting her hair down with her close pals.

She is fiercely independent and, most of the time, prioritizes her profession over anything else.

Jibran is an enthusiastic documentary filmmaker whose work has been presented at important film festivals all over the world.

He is uninhibited and impulsive, and as a result, he frequently decides at the last minute to travel to remote locations without giving it any thought.

Leilani & Mac

Nina and Jibran’s closest pals are Leilani and Mac, respectively.

Leilani is a yoga instructor with a contagious personality; she always knows how to bring a smile to anyone’s face no matter what they’re going through.

Her uninhibited nature is the ideal complement to Mac’s razor-sharp wit; after all, he is famous for his lightning-fast comebacks, which have the ability to convert any exchange into side-splitting laughter.

Detective Royce & Officer Segars

When Detective Royce and Officer Segars become engaged in this crazy rom-com crime, things quickly spiral out of control and become even more chaotic.

Detective Royce is as serious as they come, painstakingly piecing together facts until he uncovers the truth despite the fact that our unfortunate protagonists are in his way.

Officer Segars, meanwhile, supplies the team with some much-needed comic relief during the inquiry.

She enjoys chit-chatting about pop culture, checking out new eateries, and glittering up her uniform in her spare time.

Reid Scott & Michael Joseph O’Neill

Stan Gable, the character that Reid Scott plays, is an ambitious prosecutor who is resolved to ensure that justice wins under his careful eye.



even if it means throwing your two favorite lovebirds behind prison.

On the other hand, Michael Joseph O’Neill plays the role of Dennis, a foolish but endearing private investigator who has been engaged by Nina and Jibran’s lawyer and who may or may not be able to save our heroes from certain death.

Kyle Bornheimer & Anna Camp

Chris, Leilani’s ex-boyfriend who still has feelings for her despite the fact that she is engaged to someone else, is played by Kyle Bornheimer, who also acts in the show.

Anna Camp plays the part of Sarah, Chris’ fiancee, who is willing to do anything (and we mean anything) to keep the couple together.

To keep these four wild youngsters from tearing each other to pieces, Nina will need to use all of her charisma—not to mention a little help from above.

Kirby Howell Baptiste

This comic ensemble cast is brought to a satisfying conclusion by Kirby Howell Baptiste, who plays Kym, Nina’s bitter rival at work.

Kym is a young talent in the field of marketing who will stop at nothing in her quest to get up the corporate ladder more quickly than anybody else.

Because there are so many vivid characters interacting with one another, you won’t want to miss a single scene that features these skilled performers.

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