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Creating A Masterpiece: How To Draw A Colourful Parrot

We have some amazing parrot drawing color and pastel as well as digital art for you. These are free to use as they are or you can learn how to create your own below!

Enjoy! ☺️

Step 1: Sketch The Outline

The first step in creating a beautiful parrot drawing is to sketch out the outline. Start by lightly sketching an oval head, followed by a slender body and long tail feathers.

Take your time with this step – it’s important that the proportions of your parrot are accurate before you begin shading or colouring in!

Step 2: Add Details To Your Parrot Drawing

Now it’s time to add some details – draw long curved lines for wings, sharp points for claws, and small circles for eyes.

Don’t forget about the beak too – this can be done using two triangular shapes pointing outward from each side of the head. Now you have the basic shape of your parrot drawn on paper!

Step 3: Colour In Your Parrot Drawing

This is where all the fun begins – adding colour to your masterpiece! Use vibrant hues like turquoise, orange and yellow to give life to every part of your parrot drawing.

Consider also playing around with different shades within one colour family so that they blend into each other seamlessly across different parts of its body.

With careful attention to detail and patience, you will soon have a stunningly colourful creation come alive on paper!

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