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Watch In Awe As Parakeets Talk To Each Other: How To Make It Happen

Do you find the ability of birds to communicate with one another to be utterly fascinating? Have you ever desired that your animal companions, especially those with wings, could talk back to you? Your dream is about to become a reality, so get ready for it! When it comes to communication, parakeets are among the most gifted of all species; thus, you should get ready to have some fun as we demonstrate how to make these incredible birds converse to you.

Choose the Right Parakeets

The first parakeet step in having your parakeets converse is to choose the right birds.

If you have two male parakeets, it’s highly likely that they will not get along and won’t even want to interact with one another.

It is best to pick a pair of female or male-female parakeets.

This way, they will be more comfortable and open up to communication easier than if they were both males.

When choosing your bird, look for one that seems friendly and outgoing as these are usually better at interacting with others.

Also, try to purchase them from the same litter so they already have an established bond between them when you bring them home.

Provide Plenty of Toys & Stimulating Environments

To ensure that your parakeets remain active and continue conversing throughout the day, provide plenty of toys for them to play with and explore their environment.

There are many types of toys available for parakeets such as swings, ladders, mirrors, bells etc.

, which can help keep their attention occupied throughout the day instead of getting bored or frustrated from lack of stimulation.

Additionally give visual stimulation by providing colorful items like paper streamers or strings for them to swing on around their cage; this helps keep their minds active while at rest too! You should also create a stimulating environment where your birds can perch comfortably without feeling confined in any way—give enough room so they can move freely around but make sure some branches are closer together so they can start conversations easily amongst each other! Give plenty of soft bedding material (like shredded paper) inside the cage as well—this helps encourage conversation because it creates a cozy atmosphere where talking comes naturally among friends who feel secure within its walls.

Train Your Birds With Rewards

Rewarding good behavior is an important part when training parakeets to converse with each other; whenever you hear them chirping together reward immediately with treats like millet spray or special fruits/veggies cut into small chunks (make sure no seeds/pits get stuck in throat!).

As time passes increase rewards gradually until eventually your birds come running towards you every time there’s talking going on—this way you’ll know that conversing has become second nature! You may also use hand gestures when rewarding good chatter—just raise both hands slightly above head level then slowly lower back down after passing treat over– this encourages more interaction between players while solidifying understanding between humans & animals alike! < h 2 >Maintain Regular Interaction Between People & Birds In order for conversations amongst parrots go smoother it is important that regular interaction takes place between people & birds themselves – human involvement gives assurance that ‘talking’ isn’t just something left entirely up to chance but rather organized activity intended only benefit our feathered friends ! Talk directly towards birds using simple words phrases – don’t forget about facial expressions too–smiling nodding heads all mean something different depending on context use appropriate body language show appreciation whenever possible .

Lastly let’s not forget physical touch either ; gently petting backs wings necks often serves great comfort during tough times plus extra bonding moments shared those who matter most us !

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