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Parakeet Slimes Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Trying It

Are you interested in parakeet slimes? Have you noticed a lot of buzz surrounding this enjoyable, hands-on DIY slime-making activity? So stop searching now! We’ll address all of your concerns in this review and provide you with all the information you require prior to attempting Parakeet Slimes. So gather your ingredients and get ready to produce some tasty concoctions with us!

Texture and Feel

Parakeet Slimes are a unique slime brand that offers an array of textures.

The slimes come in the classic “butter” texture, which is thick, glossy and buttery smooth.

They also have several other textures including foam-like, crunchy or watery varieties.

All of these different textures provide plenty of options for DIYers to explore! Each type has its own characteristics when it comes to their feel; they range from soft and squishy to hard and crunchy depending on the variety you choose.

When it comes to Parakeet Slime’s texture, it’s important to note that each one feels slightly different than the others due to their various ingredients like clay powder or cornstarch.

This makes them great for experimentation as you can try out new combinations with each batch until you find your perfect recipe! Another thing about this brand is that all its slimes are non-toxic so they’re safe for kids too!


The aroma of Parmakit Slimes varies depending on which type you purchase but generally speaking, they all smell really nice! The most popular scents include mangoes, apples, oranges and strawberries among many others.

It’s worth mentioning here that some types might be scented stronger than others but overall Parakite Slime products offer a pleasant scent experience upon opening the container up or mixing them together with other ingredients during crafting sessions.

If you happen to get bored with one particular scent then don’t worry because there are plenty more available in this line – so go ahead and experiment until you find something that tickles your nose pleasantly every time!


One thing we love about Parakeet Slimes is how aesthetically pleasing their packaging looks; each container features vibrant colors along with fun illustrations depicting what kind of slime awaits inside (e.


, if the product contains glitter then there will be sparkly stars around).

On top of being visually appealing these containers also do a great job at keeping everything fresh since they seal tightly shut after use – no messes here! Additionally all orders come complete with detailed instructions on how best to store/use these products properly which helps keep everyone safe while enjoying them responsibly too (which we definitely appreciate!).

Price Point

As far as prices go neatly packaged boxes containing 8oz packages start at $5 USD making them quite affordable comparedto many competitors’ offerings out there right now – especially considering just how much variety parrakeets can offer customers who enjoy creating things themselves using different kindsof materials such as glue gun strings beads glitters etc.



And even better yet shipping costs per order only amount up tp $3 dollars making this option very budget friendly indeed!.

Availability Parrakeet Slimes are available online through Amazon Etsy Ebay Walmart Target AliExpressand Rakuten amongstothers where shoppers can easily compare prices between vendors before decidingon where best suits their needs – always good news when trying topickup quality supplies without breakingthe bank account first!.

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