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The Cutest Parakeets: All The Reasons Why You Should Get One!

Are you seeking an adorable, cuddly friend to make your days more enjoyable? Then stop your search and check out the cutest parakeets! Small, colorful parakeets make excellent pets thanks to their gregarious nature and amazing capacity for learning new skills. We’ll go over every justification in this article for getting one of these gorgeous little creatures for yourself! Getting a parakeet will undoubtedly be a great experience due to its low maintenance requirements and cheery chirps. So why are you still waiting? Take a dive.

What is a Parakeet?

A parakeet, or budgerigar, is one of the most popular pet birds in the world.

They have been kept as pets since the 1800s and are known for their bright colors, cheerful chirps and ease of care.

The parakeet belongs to the family Psittacidae and can live up to 10 years with proper care.

These small-sized birds measure between 18-20 cm long and weigh around 30 grams when fully grown.

Parakeets come in a variety of colors including green, yellow, blue and white.

Parakeets, like all other bird species, require a healthy diet that consists mainly of seeds supplemented by fruit and vegetables such as apples or carrots.

What Sounds Do Parakeets Make?

Parakeets make delightful sounds throughout their lives! From soft whistles to loud chirps – it’s no wonder why so many people find them so endearing! Young parrots will start making noises almost immediately after hatching; they learn from older members of their flock how to communicate in order survive together.

As they age, they begin to imitate human speech patterns like phrases or even entire songs! A well looked after parrot, can develop an extensive vocabulary that ranges anywhere from 20-100 words depending on how much time you spend talking with your feathered friend.

Do Parakeets Form Relationships With People?

Yes – these intelligent little creatures actually form strong bonds with their owners over time! In fact there are countless stories about people who become deeply attached to their beloved pet parrot over the years – some even consider them part of the family! When properly socialized at an early age (as young chicks) these birds tend to be very affectionate towards humans; although it must be said that not all parrots will bond equally with everyone – some may prefer certain individuals while others may take longer before feeling comfortable enough around anyone else.


How Do I Care For My Pet Parrot?

In order for your pet parrot live a happy life full health it’s important provide him/her with adequate nutrition housing exercise playtime interaction grooming etc.

Proper nutrition includes providing fresh fruits vegetables nuts legumes grains cooked eggs cooked beans etc as treats every now then along with daily servings commercial pellet feed formulated specifically for companion bird species such parrots.


It’s also essential create safe environment free hazardous materials common household toxins plants potentially poisonous foods which could make ill worse cause death if ingested.


Your pet should also have access clean water trough filled fresh water changed twice day.


Depending size cage its possible give your feathered friend plenty room move around flap wings stretch out body parts gliding down perch across top cage.


Where Can I Find A Pet Parrot To Adopt ?

If you’ve decided adopt rescue parrakeet/p>, there are numerous ways go about doing this either through adoption centers shelters certified breeders searching online sites dedicated helping orphaned animals find loving homes near area.


Keep mind local laws regulations state regarding owning exotic animals such those belonging psittacine family before going ahead adopting any type bird species.


Also remember responsible ownership requires commitment dedication taking good care managing stressors related living confined space lack natural stimuli etc.



That being said however caring correctly rewarded incredible bond formed between owner adopted animal often described indescribable joy impossible put into words

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