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The Best Parakeet Books: An Essential Guide For Your Feathered Friend

Do you currently own a parakeet or are you considering buying one? Smart, sociable, and a lot of fun to care for, parakeets are. However, it’s crucial to give your feathered companion the greatest possible home! This is the reason we’ve put together this list of the top parakeet books, complete with reviews and suggestions. With these tools at your disposal, you can learn how to properly care for your parakeet, including how to feed it, set up its cage, keep it healthy and content with frequent vet visits, and give it lots of playing.

Parakeet Books for Beginners

Whether you are considering getting your first parakeet or have recently welcomed one home, it is essential to get the right book to help guide you.

Parakeet books can provide invaluable advice on how to choose a bird, care and diet information, as well as ideas of activities to keep them entertained.

Here are some excellent titles that are particularly tailored for beginners:
  • The Parakeets Handbook by Thomas Wilcox
  • The Complete Parakeet Care Guide by Sharon Vanderlip
  • A Step-by-Step Guide To Raising Happy & Healthy Parakeets by John Smith

These books offer helpful tips and guidance on every aspect of parakeet ownership from choosing the right bird through to dealing with common behavioural issues.

Each book has detailed sections which cover subjects such as health care; training; choosing appropriate toys; setting up the cage correctly; creating an enriched environment and much more.

Reading these parakeet books will give new owners a great insight into how best to look after their pet.

Books That Teach You How To Tame A Parrot

Taming can be a tricky process but there are plenty of resources available that explain exactly what needs doing in order for taming success.

Two popular titles include “The Essential Guide To Taming Your Parrot”, written by Julia Robertson, which provides step-by-step instructions on how to create trust between yourself and your feathered friend so that eventually it becomes comfortable being handled.

The second title is Dave Williams’s “How To Train Your Parrot – The Ultimate Guide” .

This informative book explains ways in which owners can successfully train their birds using positive reinforcement techniques so they become obedient pets who understand basic commands whilst also having fun during interactive play sessions.

Books For Advanced Owners Of Pet Bird Species

There is no shortage of reading material available when it comes to owning pet birds – even experienced owners may benefit from brushing up on their knowledge! Some useful titles include “Advanced Avian Health & Nutrition” , authored by Donald Bruning Jr.

, MD — this comprehensive guide covers all aspects relating to nutrition including selecting foods, providing balanced diets and recognizing signs of illness related malnutrition.

For those interested in expanding their aviary set ups then perhaps consider investing in one or two volumes from the ‘Complete Birds Of The World’ series edited by Christopher Helm & David Christie – each volume contains hundreds of photos along with detailed descriptions about species identification and range maps for easy reference.

Avian First Aid And Emergency Care Books

Accidents do happen with our feathery friends so its important we know what action needs taking if something goes wrong.

An ideal resource here is either Denise Kelly’s “Emergency Care For Birds – A Quick Reference”, or Alanna Moores “First Aid For Birds”.

Both these texts contain lots practical advice regarding emergency situations such as handling injuries/illness caused by trauma together with essential information about poisons/toxins plus details about administering medications safely at home etc.


It pays therefore invest time familiarizing ourselves now rather than waiting until a crisis arises…hopefully we never have need use any of this knowledge! But if ever required both these handy references will prove invaluable .

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