how to tame lovebirds

How To Tame Lovebirds: Unlocking The Secrets Of These Colorful Feathered Friends

Have you heard the phrase “lovebirds” before? It turns out that the term “lovebirds” refers to an actual bird species, not just a metaphor for two people who are deeply in love. Lovebirds are little, animated parrots who have eye-catching hues and endearing personality. It can be tremendously enjoyable to own one of these feathered companions, but you must first learn how to take good care of them. We’ll reveal how to tame lovebirds in this article so you may make the most of your friendship with your vibrant friends!

Taming Lovebirds: A Step-by-Step Guide

Lovebirds are fascinating creatures that are stunning to look at and make wonderful companions.

Fortunately, they can also be easily controlled if the process is carried out in the right way and patience is exercised.

This is a step-by-step instruction that will teach you how to tame lovebirds so that you can appreciate their allure and beauty for many years to come!


Establishing Trust

Building trust between you and the bird is the first thing that needs to be done in order to tame it.

When your lovebirds are ready, make yourself comfy near their cage and chat or sing softly to them until they are accustomed to your presence.

Be careful not to gaze directly at them because doing so may lead them to feel uncomfortable or even intimidated.

When your lovebird appears to be more comfortable around you, give it a treat through the bars of its cage by using tweezers or tongs as an extension of your arm rather than reaching into the cage itself.

This will make your lovebird feel more safe and confident in its surroundings.

When delivering rewards, place small pieces of food like as millet sprays onto a flat area outside of the cage.

When doing so, use just one hand and never put all of your fingers inside the cage at once because this could shock or terrify the bird, causing it to stop trusting you in the future.


Hand Taming Your Lovebird

It is time to begin hand taming your pet lovebird once trust has been established between you and it.

Hand taming involves acclimating the lovebird to being touched by people in a way that does not cause it to feel threatened or uncomfortable.

Start by making slow, gentle strokes just above the point where the feather meets the skin (the back), and then gradually work your way up to touching other areas of the bird, such as the wings, the head, and even the feet.

Be careful not to move around too quickly during these processes, as sudden motions can scare birds away from trusting owners again; as an alternative, placing your hands over their heads while talking to them in a calm voice can also work, although some birds may still find this intimidating, so proceed with caution.


Bonding With Your Lovebird Pair

Bonding should take place both individually (as mentioned above) and collectively if you have two companion lovebirds.

This is something that demands time because both parties need to feel safe around each other simultaneously before continuing further.

Sit across from each bird, maintaining a distance of approximately one meter, and speak quietly to them until they show signs of being comfortable enough to be touched.

This should be done in an open area that is devoid of any potential distractions, such as toys, items, or anything else.

From this point on, gradually bring one hand closer to its companion while continuing to keep eye contact with both birds throughout; if successful, repeat these steps until finally enabling physical touch between pairs, providing comfort along every stage of the process if it is required.

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