how much do lovebirds cost at petco

How Much Do Lovebirds Cost At Petco? A Comprehensive Guide

Have you given any thought to getting a lovebird as a pet? One of the finest places to find these wonderful birds is at a store called Petco.
However, how much do they cost, and what characteristics should you search for when purchasing one? In this detailed guide, we will discuss the cost of purchasing a lovebird from Petco so that you will be able to make an educated choice about whether or not to bring a new feathery companion into your house.

Types of Lovebirds

Lovebirds are a type of parrot, and come in many different varieties.

They are small birds that range from 4-6 inches long, with a lifespan of 10-15 years.

The most popular species of lovebird is the Peach-Faced Lovebird (Agapornis roseicollis), which can be found at Petco for around $50.

Other types include the Masked Lovebird (Agapornis Personatus) and Fischer’s Lovebird (Agapornis fischeri).

These birds cost more due to their rarity; they will usually retail for anywhere between $100-$300.

What You Need To Buy For A Pet Lovebird

When purchasing a pet lovebird from Petco, you should also buy some essential items such as food, toys, cage accessories and supplies.

At minimum, you’ll need to purchase birdseed or pelleted food specifically made for lovebirds ($25 -$40 per month), toy swings or ladders ($10 – $20 each), cuttlebone ($1-$3 each) and a water dish bottle/bowl ($5 -$10).

Additionally, if you plan on keeping your lovebird indoors then it’s important to invest in an appropriate sized cage that is well ventilated but also allows plenty of room for your new feathered friend to fly around inside.

Cages typically cost about $50+, depending on size and quality.

Other Costs To Consider When Purchasing A Pet Bird From Petco

In addition to buying the necessary items mentioned above when purchasing a pet bird from Petco there are other costs associated with owning one such as vet bills if ever needed (£30 – £200+), grooming appointments (£20 – £50+), cagemates if desired (£25 – £100+) plus ongoing costs like bedding material and treats etc.


Finally don’t forget about regular maintenance tasks such as cleaning out cages weekly/monthly which may require specialised products like disinfectants costing roughly £7 – £12 per item depending on brand name etc.


All these additional costs need to be taken into consideration before deciding whether taking care of an exotic pet is something you would realistically have time/money available for!

Benefits Of Owning A Lovebird From Petco

Owning any type of pet can offer great companionship benefits however owning an affectionate little love bird has even more advantages compared to other animals! Not only do they provide unconditional love but being able to communicate through talking makes them highly interactive pets who respond very well when spoken too making them great conversation partners! Plus having vibrant coloured plumage gives them lots personality whilst brightening up any living space too so really what’s not too like? They’re perfect additions both within family homes looking after children plus those who live alone wanting someone reliable always by their side 🙂 < h2 > Common Health Issues With Owning A Love Bird From Pets Co Love birds are generally known as hardy creatures however just like any animal it’s still important checkups regularly ensure everything remains ok healthwise especially considering how quickly illnesses can spread amongst flocks! Common issues facing owners involve respiratory problems coupled eye infections which often occur due changes environment temperature levels etc.


In order minimise risk paying attention noise levels ensuring air conditioning systems clean regularly helps guarantee good hygiene standards maintained throughout home reducing chance illnesses arising sooner rather than later so take extra precautions whenever possible otherwise things could get nasty 🙁

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