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Hold Hands You Lovebirds! 6 Reasons Why It’s Good For Your Relationship

Lovebirds, have you ever considered holding hands when out with your significant other? You’re in luck if so! It’s truly beneficial to hold hands with your significant other for your relationship.
We’ll look at six benefits of holding hands with the person you love in this post.
So grab hold of that special someone and continue reading to see how handholding can make your relationship stronger!

1. It’s a Sign of Affection and Intimacy

Holding hands is one of the most intimate gestures you can share with someone, as it expresses a level of trust, connection, and love that is difficult to put into words. When you hold hands with your partner, it’s an outward expression of the bond that exists between you two. Not only does it show how much you care for each other, but also how comfortable and secure both partners feel in their relationship. This simple gesture conveys support, understanding and security which helps to strengthen your relationship over time. It’s also important to note that hand-holding can be incredibly comforting when going through tough times together. Whether dealing with stress or sadness, holding hands gives people something physical to cling on to when they need emotional support from their partner. It allows them to express feelings without having to say a single word – sometimes just being held feels like enough!

2. It Can Help You Feel Connected With Your Partner

When couples are in long term relationships or marriages they often find themselves drifting apart due to busy schedules or life events taking precedence over their relationship needs such as quality time spent together doing activities they both enjoy or simply talking about things openly and honestly without distractions around them. Taking time out during the day just for some hand-holding may help bring back those feelings of closeness again by reminding each other why they fell in love in the first place! Hand-holding can create moments where couples feel connected despite any distance between them emotionally; this kind of contact brings partners closer together even if only momentarily because it triggers positive emotions like joyfulness and passion within us all regardless whether we’re married/dating someone else already or not!


It Helps Us Express Our Love For Each Other
Expressing our love for another person doesn’t always have to be about grand romantic gestures – sometimes it’s the small everyday acts that make all the difference too! Holding hands is one way we can show our affection towards our significant others without saying anything at all; through gentle squeezes on palms or intertwining fingers we communicate silently yet powerfully what needs no verbal explanation – true love shared between two people who cherish one another deeply.
Aside from expressing emotion through touch alone there are plenty more benefits associated with holding hands regularly: research suggests regular physical contact produces oxytocin (the ‘love hormone’) which helps reduce cortisol levels leading us feeling calmer & happier overall while increasing trust levels between individuals too! Plus don’t forget those postive vibes sent outwards into society when walking down street side by side happily intertwined…it looks beautiful & inspiring don’t ya think? 😉


It Increases Physical Intimacy In The Bedroom
Physical intimacy is essential for keeping relationships strong particularly ones involving sexual activity – because let’s face it after awhile sex begins losing its spark if couples aren’t making effort elsewhere throughout day ie cuddles hugs kisses etc.. One great way getting more passionate bedroom sessions (and I mean beyond basic missionary!) involves few minutes outside before slipping beneath sheets: take turns caressing face gazing lovingly into eyes whisper sweet nothin’s…..all these little touches build anticipation helping ignite desire once again inside hearts soon turn up heat sheets itself 😉 Who knows maybe next thing’ll know u guys will exploring new positions never tried b4?! Holding hands has been linked directly enhancing physical pleasure especially as couple move further along path exploring exciting toys erotica BDSM etc… If ever feel scared uncertain step away comfort zone try finding reassurance thru palm grip squeeze might get juicy surprise afterwards….just saying 😉 < h3 > 5 . < b > It Fosters Trust And Security In A Relationship < br / >Trust plays huge role successful partnerships takes lot hard work nurtured maintained continuously order remain healthy happy . Partners must rely honest communication building foundation based upon mutual respect open dialogue if want succeed long run . When do certain activities such hand – holding trusting nature act creates sense safety within couple knowing friend confidant standing beside every moment good bad alike ! Even better studies suggest public displays affection PDA increase likelihood staying together future since display commitment strength ties unites greatly appreciated onlookers friends family strangers alike thus giving greater incentive stay true promise made start journey begin with ! < br /> Furthermore researchers found non – verbal forms communication ie body language enhance moral well being improving self esteem mood providing sense control autonomy ability understand respond appropriately situation arises makes easier perceive environment accurately making decision process efficient effective end result desired outcome achieved sooner rather than later saving valuable time energy resources either party involved could potentially spend elsewhere ! < h 3 > 6 . < b > Its Good For Mental Health On Both Sides Of The Relationship < br / >Finally mental health should never overlooked importance ensuring lasting partnership aside from obvious benefits mentioned earlier eg increased trust security improved communication empathy development etc… Studies discovered connection tactile sensations form part maintaining social bonds even stronger effects appear occur among loved ones particular focus given areas including calming depression reducing anxiety combatting loneliness promoting relaxation happiness longevity generally speaking bottom line here boils down fact whenever reach point craving human warmth embrace decide opt instead reaching arms wrap ’em round special somebody give chance receive same return then likely reap rewards offer far outweigh cost expended effort wise investment make sure pay dividends lifetime come !!

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