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Fascinating Facts About Parakeets For Kids: Unlock the Secrets of these Popular Pets

You have entered the wondrous world of parakeets, haven’t you? Many homes throughout the world proudly keep one of these bright and lively birds as a cherished pet. However, were you aware that these winged companions conceal a great deal more than what is immediately apparent? Parakeets are notable for a wide variety of unusual characteristics, some of which include their one-of-a-kind behaviors and the fascinating natural environments in which they live. Grab a magnifying glass and get ready to learn some interesting information about parakeets for children, which we will explore in this post.

What is a Parakeet?

A parakeet, also known as a budgerigar or budgie, is a small to medium-sized bird that belongs to the family of Psittaciformes.

It originates from Australia and has been domesticated for centuries.

The most common type of parakeets kept as pets are the English Budgies, which have bright green feathers with black markings on their wings and head.

Parakeets can be found in many different colors and patterns ranging from yellow and white to blue, purple, or even dark grey.

They are very social birds who love interacting with humans and other animals; they make excellent companions! Parakeets usually live up to 10 years when cared for properly but some can reach 20 years old.

Their diet consists mainly of seeds supplemented with vegetables such as spinach and carrots.

In the wild they eat fruits like apples or pears along with insects providing essential proteins for growth development.

Additionally, you’ll need to provide them fresh water every day so it should always be available in their cage.

What Breeds Are Available?

When looking for parakeets there are more than 25 breeds available today including American Show Racers (ASRs), Australian Cobalt Blue Budgies (ACBBS) , Australian Pieds (APs) , Belgian Whitespecks (BWs), Bourke’s Parrots (BP) , Dutch Crested Greensides (DCGs).

Each breed will vary slightly in size but generally all measure between 7 – 8 inches long when fully grown making them perfect pets due to their manageable size! The most popular type of pet parrot is the English Budgie that comes in various shades of blues, greens and yellows; these birds were bred specifically over decades by aviculturists around the world using selective breeding techniques resulting in this classic variety we know today! Other breeds include Cinnamon Mottles which feature an array of mottled feathering along its wingspan; Fallow Parrots featuring tan-colored plumage throughout its body; Green Cheek Mutations sporting unique mutations such as lutinos or albinos plus much more!

How To Care For Your Pet

Caring for your new pet will require commitment from both owner & bird alike however once established you’ll find that having a companion enhances your life significantly! Firstly ensure you purchase adequate sized cage made out of sturdy materials like stainless steel – this will help keep predators at bay especially if living outdoors during warmer climates where snakes may pose threats too! Secondly create an environment inside that resembles its natural habitat by adding branches & perches so it feels comfortable & secure while nesting at night time away from any disturbance coming through windows etc.



Thirdly provide enough food & water daily – luckily these birds eat mostly seed mixes found easily online/in shops although fresh fruit/vegetables should still form part thereof supplementing vital nutrients needed regularly each week without fail otherwise health issues may arise down line leading potentially costly vet bills later on down line… Lastly regular interaction between both parties helps builds trust within relationship allowing special bond develop overtime giving sense purpose within owners life helping manage stress levels better day after day not forgetting keeping physical exercise regime going switching activities occasionally just keep things interesting maintaining everyone active happy healthy well balanced lifestyle everybody deserves enjoy living fullest possible extent no matter age species background etc….

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying A Parakeet?

Before buying one make sure you research thoroughly about all aspects involved i.


, what kind best fits into budget constraints how handle safely correctly right away avoid unnecessary accidents happening home take note cost upkeep involved setting aside finances accordingly preventing running short money middle journey consider space availability house decide whether taking care single multiple birds case latter then training might required learning divide attention evenly among flock members ensuring fair treatment same time teach basic commands establish routine feeding times maintenance tasks etc.


Take into account noise factor before committing anything since these creatures quite vocal produce lot sound chirping singing depending situation therefore important check regulations local laws governing ownership exotic animals check suitability neighbors don’t cause problems neighborhood either….

Also think carefully about responsibility aspect caring another being means dedicating considerable amount energy understanding patience quality time necessary order successfully raise thrive happy fulfilled existence… Finally remember owning animal involves lifelong commitment bring joy alongside potential heartache especially longer lived species meaning must prepared accept challenge wholeheartedly meet needs expectations adequately sustain lasting friendship built mutual respect trust over course lifetime together.


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