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Do Parrots Lay Eggs? Surprising Facts About Parrot Reproduction

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What Kind of Eggs Do Parrots Lay?

Parrots lay eggs that are relatively small and round, with a hard calcareous shell. Depending on the species, the eggshell color can range from white to blue to brownish-green. The size of parrot eggs varies as well; they tend to be larger in macaws and cockatoos than other smaller species like budgerigars or lovebirds.

Parrot eggs will have a glossy surface when first laid but become duller over time as they go through different stages of development. Furthermore, each egg has its own unique shape; some may look more oval while others may appear more angular depending on the particular bird’s genetics.

How Many Eggs Do Parrots Lay?

The number of eggs that parrots lay depends on their age and species. In general, younger birds tend to lay fewer eggs than older ones—sometimes only one or two at a time instead of multiple clutch sizes (which is what you would typically see in older birds). Some parrot species also have higher reproductive rates than others: for instance, macaw females usually produce up to three clutches per year while cockatiels may only reproduce once every few years.

Furthermore, many types of parrots are known for producing large numbers of infertile eggs—known as “dummy” or “false” eggs—that do not contain any viable embryos within them.

When do Parrots Typically Lay Their Eggs?

Parrot breeding season typically begins around springtime and lasts until late summer/early fall in temperate climates (such as North America). During this period, female parrots will start laying their clutch (or group) of 2–6+eggs which will then be incubated by both parents for an average period between 21–30 days before hatching into young chicks. After hatching the chicks remain with their parents until they reach maturity after several months later.

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