can a lovebird live alone

Can A Lovebird Live Alone? Here’s What You Need To Know

Are you considering getting a lovebird but unsure if it’s okay to keep them by yourself? Many people question if these friendly and gregarious birds require company to survive. The solution, however, is more complicated than you may imagine! We’ll cover all you need to know about caring for a single lovebird in this article. So continue reading to find out if your feathered friend can survive alone or if they require avian companionship!

Can A Lovebird Live Alone?

Lovebirds are a subspecies of the parrot that are native to Africa and the island nation of Madagascar.

They are famous for their vivid colors, their outgoing personality, and the fact that they remain faithful to one partner throughout their lives.

But are lovebirds able to survive on their own? Continue reading to discover out.

Do Lovebirds Need Companionship?

Lovebirds are sociable birds, and as such, they do require the company of other lovebirds in order to lead happy and healthy lives.

They can feel stressed or even unhappy if they don’t have another bird near them, which can lead to health problems such as picking at their feathers or making an excessive amount of noise.

As a consequence of this, it is not suggested that you keep a single lovebird on its own; if you only have one bird, you should think about adding it to an existing flock of other species so that it has company.

How Long Can A Lovebird Be Left Alone For?

It is ideal not to leave your lovebird alone at all if it is at all feasible; however, if this is not possible, it is important to ensure that you do not leave him or her unattended for an excessive amount of time; leaving him or her for no more than eight hours every day should be sufficient (you may want to adjust this number depending on how old your bird is).

If it is not possible to avoid being separated from your pet for extended periods of time, then you should try to distract him or her by leaving something in the cage with him or her, such as toys or mirrors.

Can African Lovebirds Survive On Their Own?

Even though African lovebirds are able to make it through the winter without a companion, this does not indicate that they flourish in such conditions.

Loneliness can induce stress, which can ultimately lead to health concerns further down the road.

If you only have one African lovebird, you should seriously consider purchasing a second one so that your current pet has someone else to talk to and play with during the day.

Can You Keep Two Same-Sexed Birds Together?

Due to the fact that birds are monogamous by nature, it is highly unusual for birds of the same sexes to pair up with one another unless there is no other option (e.


, all male aviaries).

However, there are certain same-sexed couples that form very strong bonds with one another and enjoy spending time in each other’s company, assuming that there is no hostility between them caused by fighting for food or other resources, etc.

However, when purchasing two birds of the same sex together, it is usually a good idea to make sure that both birds were bred together.

Do LoveBirds Die When Alone?

No, typically speaking being left alone will not directly lead to death.

However, prolonged isolation can cause depression, which can lead indirectly to death through lack of nutrients or self-neglecting behaviors such as plucking feathers.

In general, being left alone will not directly lead to death.

As a result, we strongly advise offering many opportunities for engagement, which can be accomplished by either introducing a companion or providing a variety of enrichment options (such as toys).


Although it is not impossible for a lovebird to live on its own, doing so carries with it the risk of experiencing mental anguish, which can then potentially lead to physical sickness.

As a result, we would advise against keeping birds as pets on their own, and instead propose either introducing new birds of a different species into an existing flock, or looking into the possibility of getting another companion bird.

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