are parakeets scared of the dark

Are Parakeets Scared Of The Dark? How To Help Your Pet Feel Safe And Secure

Do you fear that your pet parakeet may be frightened of the dark? It’s usual for birds to feel a bit uneasy in the dark or low light.

But fear not—there are a few easy measures you may do to make your parakeet feel secure!

In this post, we’ll examine the possible causes of parakeets’ fear of the dark and discuss ways to keep them calm under any circumstance.

So if you’re concerned that your pet might be afraid of the dark, keep reading to find out how to reassure and reassure them.

Provide A Sense Of Security

Provide A Sense Of Security

Providing your parakeet with a sense of security is essential in order to make them feel comfortable and relaxed when it’s dark outside.

Give them an enclosed space, such as a bird cage or aviary, where they can retreat if they feel scared or overwhelmed.

Make sure the space is large enough for them to move around freely without feeling cramped.

Adding some soft bedding like hay will also help your pet parakeet settle down quickly after being startled by loud noises outside or within the home.

Parrot cages, parakeet beds, and bird perches are great items that can provide comfort and security to your feathered friend when darkness falls.

Dim The Lights To Mimic Nighttime Hours

Dim The Lights To Mimic Nighttime Hours

Dim the lights in their enclosure at night time so that it mimics natural nighttime hours for birds in the wild.

This helps create a calming atmosphere which allows your pet parakeets to relax easier as soon as darkness falls rather than become anxious due to sudden changes in light levels throughout their environment.

  • night lamps
  • LED lights
  • Other low wattage lighting sources

are ideal for this purpose since these don’t emit too much brightness but still provide enough illumination for you to watch over your pet while it sleeps peacefully at night.

Create A Cozy Space For Your Pet Parakeet

Create A Cozy Space For Your Pet Parakeet

Creating a cozy space inside its enclosure where your pet parakeet can rest comfortably during the day will also help make them feel more secure when it’s dark outside later on in the evening .

Place some soft cushions, blankets, pillows, etc. within its area of confinement so that they have something nice and warm to snuggle up against while sleeping .

You could even hang some lightweight curtains around their habitat which will act as a barrier between outside noise and any disruptive elements from entering into their area .

This should give them peace of mind knowing nothing from beyond their walls can harm or frighten them throughout those long nights alone .

Add Some Toys For Entertainment

Add Some Toys For Entertainment

Adding toys inside their enclosure helps keep boredom away, especially during those long summer nights when daylight stretches late into evening hours before finally giving way to darkness .

Choose toys specifically designed for birds such as wooden blocks filled with treats, ladders made out of rope or plastic rings attached together.

Things that stimulate mental activity whilst providing something fun for your feathered companion while indoors come sundown.

  • Parrot swings
  • mirrors
  • foraging boxes

are all great options here, plus these type s of playthings double up nicely when used together with other forms of enrichment mentioned above (eg: curtains).

Use Music To Soothe And Relax Them

Use Music To Soothe And Relax Them

Listening music has been proven effective not only on humans but animals too.

Playing certain types of music through speakers located near their encloseure gives off positive vibes which helps calm down anxieties caused by sudden changes within its environment especially during those darker parts of each day/night cycle.

Classical music works best here due to its mellow tones.

However, you may even find jazz pieces work just fine depending on what kind of mood you’re trying achieve. Ultimately, whatever genre works best for both yourself &your beloved feathered friend is what matters most here!


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