are cockatiels parrots

Are Cockatiels Parrots? Understanding The Differences Between These Birds

What Is A Parrot?

There are more than 300 different species of parrots, which make up their own unique group of birds.

The beaks of these birds are quite short and bent, and they have long tails and colorful plumage.

Depending on the species of parrot they are, the size of a parrot can range anywhere from very small to quite enormous.

The majority of their food consists of seeds and fruit, however some species are known to consume insects and even the nectar that flowers produce.

The vast majority of parrot species call tropical regions like South America or Africa home, however as a result of human intervention, several species can now be found residing in other parts of the world.

Scientists believe that the sophisticated vocalizations that parrots have developed over time have helped them interact with one another and attract mates.

Some species of parrots are famous for their ability to imitate human speech, while other species are noted for their ability to demonstrate more complex behaviors such as dancing or problem solving.

What Is A Cockatiel?

Cockatiels, which belong to the species Nymphicus hollandicus, are one of the most common types of birds kept as pets around the world today.

This is likely due to the fact that they are very small and have beautiful coloration.

Psittaciformes is the order that cockatiels are classified under.

This order is comprised primarily of other species of parakeets and lories, but it also includes cockatoos and real parrots such as macaws.

Cockatiels are one of the smallest members of this order due to their length, which is normally approximately 12 inches (30 cm) when adding their tail feathers.

The coloring on a cockatiel’s face can vary widely depending on the sex of the bird; males typically have vividly colored faces, while females tend to have paler patterns around their eyes.

Male cockatiels typically have brighter colored faces.

Their primary source of nutrition comes from seed mixtures, with fresh vegetables, fruit, and the occasional treat like as millet spray or nuts rounding out their diets.

Are Cockatiels Parrots?

Cockatiels are not considered to be members of the true “parrot” family tree, which also includes macaws, conures, amazons, and other similar species.

This is due to the fact that, despite the fact that both groups share many traits in common, there are also notable distinctions that separate the two.

As was noted before, cockatiels are members of an order of birds known as the Psittaciformes.

This order includes not only other smaller birds like lovebirds, but also larger birds like hyacinthine macaws or blue-throated conures, amongst other species.

Cockatoos are distinguished from other members of these families primarily by a number of distinguishing physical characteristics, such as their crest (a tufted plume that sits atop their heads), distinctive beak shape, and facial feather structure and coloring.

These characteristics are unique to this particular genus when compared to those of other members of the psittaciformes family.

Behavioral Differences Between The Two Groups

>However, scientific studies suggest that this is not the case, particularly when looking at cognitive abilities.

The majority of people would say that behaviorally speaking there isn’t much difference between these two groups because they exhibit similar playful characteristics when kept together at home, but scientific studies suggest that this is not the case.

It has been seen through experiments that specific activities given out to either population provide different responses, which suggests that higher brain functions might be more developed among real parrots than among those belonging to the cockatoo lineage.

This may explain why some behaviors seen among owners often appear to be simpler for one group compared to another despite having identical experiences growing up.


Another significant difference lies in the rate at which each group acquires new information.

Once again, the tests that were carried out demonstrated that those individuals who belonged to traditional ‘parrot’ families learned on average much more quickly than those who were categorized as ‘cockatoo.

‘ This points to a stronger potential for memory retention and comprehension when it comes to the process of teaching new ideas across a variety of genres, whether they are related to the acquisition of a new language or just just games/tricks etc.



Subtle Physiological Differences Between Parrota And Cockatoos

>However, these subtle physiological variations do exist, particularly when it comes to longer term health concerns related with the aging process.

Although these physiological differences do not necessarily present themselves during everyday interactions, they do exist nonetheless.

If proper care is not taken into consideration at an early enough age throughout a person’s lifetime, for example, although both populations will eventually succumb to age-related diseases, the same symptoms may appear much earlier among the latter than they did among the former, potentially leading to two shorter life spans.

In addition, medical professionals have reported observing a greater susceptibility to particular diseases due to the genetics that are inherent within respective gene pools, which further reinforces the significance of undergoing routine checkups regardless of where an individual falls within the genetic spectrum.


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